Sunday, 15 August 2010

Roggia Farm, Corfu

The area of Roggia in North Corfu had been abandoned over the last 30 years until the idea of Roggia Farm eventually came to fruition. Roggia Farm has newly built houses with modern facilities and comfort inside, but which blend into the existing environment. The owners claim that their building intervention did not dramatically change the scenery of Roggia but, on the contrary, added new aura and fresh life to the area.

It is an organic farm with a range of local trees, plants and animals with the aim of applying biodynamic farming in the future. Since 2008 visitors have been able to come and stay at the farm and have the choice of helping with the animals and land or just watching; helping with the cooking or just eating!

The farm consists of a main building plus 3 maisonettes / studios for guests. For those who wish it, daily activities include feeding and cleaning the animals and cultivating, collecting, watering and pruning the vegetables and crops. Other activities, on request, include cycling, walking, horse-riding, yoga and massage and aromatherapy.

On my recent visit to the farm, I was much impressed by the whole environment and the enthusiasm of Nikos and his mother Lina who run it and for whom it is indeed a labour of love. For more information, visit their site here.

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