Saturday, 24 July 2010

Mystic Blue Eco Sailing And Diving

Mystic Blue was inspired by a group of people from different backgrounds, with varied skills (divers, biologists and environmentalists), who were brought together due to their love of the sea and nature.

Their primary objective is the study and protection of the marine world and the raising of public awareness on environmental issues. In order to support this goal, they have created a series of eco activities involving sailing, diving and exploring unique species.

When their sailing boat, Tahita, is not chartered, she takes part in environmental activities throughout the year and they participate and support researchers in their collection of information and in their studies regarding ecology.

The group organises clean-ups of beaches, coves and underwater and collect plastics for recycling. Marine ecology seminars for divers and underwater photography exhibitions are also organised with the aim of raising awareness towards the protection of the sea and wild life.

For more information visit their website here.
To read their Responsible Travel policy visit here.

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